Adjusting with Aerial Measurements

The Math Behind Getting Better Adjusting Jobs

So there you are pulling up to the 6th and final adjusting job of the day, and sure enough it is a two-story 10/12. Instead of spending an extra 15-30 minutes measuring and diagramming this thing on your scope notes, and then another 15-30 minutes sketching it in Xactimate or Symbility, be more efficient with your time by using an aerial measurement company!

There are many companies who use aerial and satellite imagery to calculate roofing measurements. For the most part they all get the job done; however, some are more geared toward adjusters than others. At Ridge Top Aerial Technologies, over 75% of our customers are insurance adjusters, so we model our business around helping adjusters close more claims. We offer affordable, upfront pricing, 24-hour turnaround, and bulk diagramming services, as well as providing data files that import into your estimating software for easy claims estimating. Oh and don’t forget that AdjusterZone Gold Members receive $5 off every Ridge Top order!

How choosing an affordable aerial diagram provider can help you be a more efficient adjuster

The math behind closing more claims

  • If you average, conservatively, 6 claims a day that take you 15 minutes to measure and diagram on-site and 15 minutes to sketch back at the computer, then we are talking about 30 minutes per claim and an extra 3 hours on top of your day… that is 2-3 more claims you could look at.

  • Let’s say those 2-3 extra claims a day average $200 each; this would amount to $400-$600 extra per day! Now you’re completing 9 claims/day, grossing $1800/day. At Ridge Top’s low cost, you can get all 9 diagrams for $270, leaving you with a net profit of $1,530/day… compare this to your original $1200/day, and you’ve just increased your income by 28%.

  • That means you can get a batch of 50 claims done 3 days faster. In real world experience this means that you got another 50 claims instead of the next guy, which equals another $10,000 based on these modest figures.

It is easy to see how our cost-effective service will save you valuable time & make you more money!

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