We can help because we’ve been there!

We know how to help our clients because we were once in their shoes. Dealing with multiple claims or roofing jobs can be overwhelming. Our processes are built to make your lives easier!

Over 500k Roof diagrams in ESX, XML, and PDF format
Nationwide coverage with 99% Completion rate
99% Completion Rate

Over 12 years in operation, Ridge Top has consistently achieved an outstanding 99% completion rate on a national scale.

Turnaround Times

Experience efficiency like never before with our impressive 6-10 hour turn around times, and for those urgent needs, order our rush option for reports to be delivered within as little as 2 hours.

Customer Service

At Ridge Top, taking care of our customers is not just a commitment, it's a guarantee. Try our services today and witness the difference in our customer-centric approach.

Uncompromised Accuracy

Quality is the cornerstone of our company. Ridge Top is unwaveringly committed to delivering assessments of the highest accuracy, ensuring excellence you can trust.

Round-the-Clock Service

We take great pride in offering 24/7 service, guaranteeing that our full range of property diagrams is available to you whenever you need them. Day or night, our team is here to provide prompt and dependable support to our customers.

Nationwide coverage with 99% completion rate

Our mission is to provide our clients with fast and accurate property diagrams, regardless of their location in the United states. Thanks to our broad coverage and dedication to quality, you can depend on us to consistently deliver trustworthy property diagram services nationwide.

The Ridge Top Difference

Ridge Top Aerial Technologies is a company that can provide property diagrams to Insurance companies, IA firms, Contracting firms, and individuals to create and close accurate estimates.


Ridge Top stands out by incorporating advanced technologies, such as aerial imagery and digital mapping tools, into their services. This integration ensures accuracy and efficiency in assessments, setting them apart in the industry.

Quick turnaround

Ridge Top's commitment to delivering detailed roof diagrams, aerial timeline reports, and other comprehensive assessments stands out in the industry. These reports not only provide invaluable information for insurance professionals, contractors, and adjusters but also come with quick turnaround times, ensuring efficient service for our valued clients.

Customer service

Ridge Top's commitment to a customer-centric approach, characterized by friendly yet informative interactions, contributes to a positive and engaging experience for their clients.

Competitive pricing

Ridge Top leads the way in innovative aerial assessment practices, continuously leveraging cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. Our dedication to improving processes, coupled with competitive pricing, underscores our commitment to providing unparalleled value to our clients.

I have been using Ridgetop for about a year and they have always supplied very good diagramsthat can be entered into Xactimate. If there is too much tree coverage you can usually send thempictures and they can revise their drawing at no extra cost.

John D.


The best aerial sketch company I have ever dealt with. I've used them all and ridge top is the most accurate and fastest service of them all.

Ryan D.


Thanks for being helpful. I order from you guys so frequently because I know you'll take care of me when things like this happen!

Thomas E.


I think they're great. I usually will do a Hover but sometimes, it's not worth the drive. Not only that but when dealing with an HOA or other commercial property with an outbuilding or 2, they usually include that as well. The 1 time I had a customer service issue, it was resolved to my satisfaction in a timely manner. Ridge Top is definitely an asset that makes my job much easier.

John F.


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