Roof Diagram Pricing Tiers

 Aerial Timeline Report


Cutting-Edge Imagery Innovation

Detailed Data Coverage

Exceptional Clarity

Damage Detection & Property Information

PDF Format

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Roof Diagrams

Starting at $33

Order as an ESX File, XML file, or add a PDF to either one for $5

Customizable options to add walls, fencing, or decks to your report

Residential properties include all out buildings

Commercial reports are charged per building

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Hail Report


Address Specific Hail Reports

Detailed Weather Data

Historical Property Data

Comprehensive Reports

PDF Format

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Gutter Report


Accurate Eave Measurements

Quick Gutter Estimate

PDF Format

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Roof Diagram + Hail Report

Detailed Property Information

Roof Dimensions

Weather Data

PDF Format

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Square Snap Report


Roof Area calculations

Quick & Affordable

PDF Format

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Transparent and Upfront

Ridge Top pricing is transparent and upfront, ensuring clients have a clear understanding of the costs associated with their services.

Competitive Rates

Our company offers competitive rates in the industry, providing value for the comprehensive roof diagrams

Customized Solutions

Ridge Top understands that every client's needs are unique.Our pricing reflects a commitment to offering customized solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each project.

No Hidden Fees

Clients can trust that there are no hidden fees in Ridge Top's pricing structure. What you see is what you get, fostering trust and transparency in our client relationships.

Flexible Packages

Ridge Top provides flexible packages to accommodate various needs. Whether it's a single roof diagram or a comprehensive set of assessments, clients can choose a package that suits their requirements and budget.

Bulk Ordering Benefits

For clients with multiple projects or ongoing needs, RidgeTop's bulk ordering options come with cost-effective benefits, ensuring efficiency and affordability for larger-scale assessments.

I have been using Ridgetop for about a year and they have always supplied very good diagramsthat can be entered into Xactimate. If there is too much tree coverage you can usually send thempictures and they can revise their drawing at no extra cost.

John D.


The best aerial sketch company I have ever dealt with. I've used them all and ridge top is the most accurate and fastest service of them all.

Ryan D.


Thanks for being helpful. I order from you guys so frequently because I know you'll take care of me when things like this happen!

Thomas E.


I think they're great. I usually will do a Hover but sometimes, it's not worth the drive. Not only that but when dealing with an HOA or other commercial property with an outbuilding or 2, they usually include that as well. The 1 time I had a customer service issue, it was resolved to my satisfaction in a timely manner. Ridge Top is definitely an asset that makes my job much easier.

John F.


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