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Introducing the New Ridge Top Site: RidgeTopTech.com

Here at Ridge Top Aerial Technologies, we strive to use technology in a way that continually leads us forward, allowing the contractors and adjusters who use our site to save time and money. That is why we have upgraded to a new website. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Roofing Materials for your Project

Part of what makes you good at your job as a roofer is knowing what kind of materials will best fit the needs of your client’s building project and budget. Let’s say you have a job that requires quick completion. You already have your Square Snap Report, so you know how many square feet will […]

Adjusting with Aerial Measurements

So there you are pulling up to the 6th and final adjusting job of the day, and sure enough it is a two-story 10/12. Instead of spending an extra 15-30 minutes measuring and diagramming this thing on your scope notes, and then another 15-30 minutes sketching it in Xactimate or Symbility, be more efficient with […]

Ridge Top Aerial Technologies: The Roof Diagram Service for Professionals

At Ridge Top Aerial Technologies, our users include everyone from roofing contractors and roofing supply to insurance companies and insurance adjusters. Why do these various industry professionals all use our roof sketching services? Ridge Top Aerial Technologies saves you time and money, no matter what side of the industry you come from. We also list […]